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I earned my MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California, and hold a BA from Brown University.

I base my approach on depth- and psychodynamic theory, drawing from over a decade of experience in holistic healing modalities like yoga and herbalism. 

Besides talk therapy, I am certified as an ecotherapist and EMDR practitioner. I also utilize Jungian dreamwork, somatic therapy, and mindfulness.

About Danielle Sheridan, AMFT

My name is Danielle and I am a licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#139449), writer, and nature nerd. I am dedicated to helping my clients grow, heal from trauma, and reclaim their innate sense of vitality, creativity, and imagination. I've also helped many creatives and entrepreneurs to navigate their busy stressful lives. 


I believe symptoms have a story to tell. By giving them a voice, we render the ghosts of the past less haunting. The reduction of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or interpersonal conflict is just one benefit of therapy. Great therapy is also a rare opportunity to discover ourselves in the context of a safe and caring therapeutic relationship. Opening up and having one's suffering witnessed and understood by a non-judgmental presence can be a profoundly life-affirming experience. Together we can rewrite old relational scripts, navigate the dance of interdependence and independence, learn self/nervous system regulation, and become adept at holding life’s many paradoxes.


I offer in-person therapy and coaching for individuals, couples, and teens (12+) on the eastside of Los Angeles and see clients virtually. My approach is sex-positive, culturally humble, and trauma-informed, welcoming clients of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. In my sessions, I bring a spirit of existential curiosity, along with warmth and directness.

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Areas of Focus




Trauma & PTSD

Relationship Issues

Sexual Abuse/Assault

Eating Disorders


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